Amy's love of movement began at an early age, dancing at a local studio in Danville. In high school, she was introduced to Sports Medicine, which really piqued her interest in health, functional training, and rehabilitation. This encouraged her to go on to graduate from CSU Chico with a degree in Exercise Physiology. After college, Amy came across Pilates and instantly fell in love. She knew she was meant to teach Pilates, and encourage and lead others to live a healthy life through fitness. She is so happy to be able to share her love of Pilates with all her clients. Amy completed her Pilates instructor training through Balanced Body (comprehensive) and IM=X Pilates. She is also licensed to teach TRX and Spin.
Chinami discovered Pilates when she was looking for a good stretching method, while working out with heavy weights at the gym. One of her Pilates instructors showed her how to stretch and strengthen her body without using weights. She had an old shoulder injury and lower back pain, made worse by having kids. Working with Pilates method helped her to rehabilitate from those injures.
This experience motivated her to study Pilates and she was certified as an instructor in 2009 by Body Art and Science International (BASI). Prior to this, she worked as a personal trainer and also holds a certification in nutrition. Chinami is an active and busy mother of two college students. For her, the enjoyment of Pilates is working with a variety of people and sharing the joy of living with a healthy body and mind.
Jill Beeman has been an ACE Certified Fitness Instructor for 25 years currently focused on Spin and Body Pump. She has taught strength training along with high and low impact aerobics, step, bosu, aqua, ball and dance at several clubs in the Danville area. In addition, when her 3 kids left the nest, she coached the Monte Vista Girls Tennis Team for 3 years after having coached Ladies Doubles clinics for 6 years. Her latest passion is bike riding outdoors so spinning to music is the perfect combination. Let her know your favorite songs and she will incorporate it into her high intensity interval class.
Heather is a cyclist, surfer, runner, hiker, and loves sharing her passion for being active with others. As a certified personal trainer she enjoys teaching people about functional movement and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. She is constantly exploring new ways to help people strengthen their bodies and live a life free from pain, especially low back pain through Foundation Training, TRX Training, and other functional movement patterns.
Jenna is a Pilates instructor and a personal trainer. She has a BA in psychology from San Diego State University. She fell in love with Pilates after discovering how energized and pain free it made her body feel. Growing up an athlete she suffered knee injuries and felt working out was "suffering." She has been Pilates certified for 8+ years now and knows there's a balance in how we care for a bodies and Pilates allows us to do anything else we want. She teaches mat, reformer, Cadillac, chair, ladder, TRX and strength and conditioning.
Jody began practicing Pilates training in the 1990’s in Santa Fe, NM with Michelle Larsson, a master teacher who trained for years under the tutelage of Eve Gentry (a Pilates Elder). She came to Pilates due to years of dance injuries and over-use syndrome. Jody continued to study and train with privates until the time she began the process of earning her teaching certification through Turning Point studios in Walnut Creek. Jody has taught Pilates reformer/apparatus group classes and privates as well as mat work at various studios in the bay area over the past 12 yrs. She took a hiatus for three years to pursue her vocation in photography which she continues to practice. Jody's teaching style, while adhering to Joseph Pilates principals of centering, precision concentration, breathe, and flowing movement is innovative and playful. She enjoys experimenting with variations on the repertoire to keep it fresh for her students.
As a lifelong athlete, Sue has always enjoyed movement and an active lifestyle. After many years in the corporate world, she decided to change careers and focus on her passion for fitness.
She became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and through that, discovered the life changing benefits of Pilates. Sue completed the comprehensive Instructor Training program at Turning Point Studio in Walnut Creek and has been teaching Pilates Mat and Reformer classes as well as private instruction for 15 years. She is also a certified Yoga instructor through YogaWorks and a certified TRX Instructor.
Sue looks forward to every opportunity to share how the benefits of Pilates can enrich all aspects of life.
Angel Thompson studied Biopsychology at the University of Santa Barbara. Here she discovered her passion for health and wellness through preventive care. She enjoys teaching and coaching others to live a life of balance and health. Her certifications include NASM, ICG, and Barre Above.
Alex is a reformed couch potato, who discovered movement over 14 years ago and has been moving ever since. After losing a lot of weight in 2007, Alex starting practicing Pilates and he has not looked back. Five years ago, he began his journey as a Pilates Instructor and has completed his entire instructor training at the Absolute Center in Lafayette. Alex’s passion for wellness and movement, combined with his expanding knowledge, enthusiasm and energy are reflexed in his private and group sessions. Alex has a Ph.D. in Biochemical Pharmacology and he worked in the Biotech R&D world for many years before redefining himself a few years ago. Fun Fact: Alex owns two Shiba Inu dogs and a Bengal cat, but if his wife didn’t stop him, their house would more like a zoo, with lots of exotic creatures.
My movement history includes 20+years of dance training and performance, aerobics instruction and competition. The culmination has been study and certification through Turning Point Studio as a Pilates Instructor.

Pilates has produced strength and balance in my body like no other form of conditioning. With a passion for movement and a dose of creativity, it is my desire to impart that experience to others.

Areas of continued study include human anatomy and movement, Franklin Method, Body Rolling and release work and, most recently, Gyrotonic/Gyrokinesis.

Danica found Pilates after a high school injury and fell in love with the results she saw inside and out from the mind-body connection. After graduating from UCLA and working in the pharmaceutical industry, she decided to pursue a fulfilling full time career helping others find similar ease and comfort in their own bodies. She completed her Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training with Tom McCook at Center of Balance in Mountain View and has taken specialized continuing education workshops from Naomi Leiserson, Elizabeth Larkam, Karen Clippinger, Alan Herdman, and others. Danica is also a student of Ayurveda, a lover of Yoga and her dogs, a life-long dancer and former marathon runner. She hopes to spend a lifetime helping others enjoy life’s every move.
Amanda grew up in Dallas, TX and began studying ballet at the age of 3. She studied ballet and choreography intensively at The Boston Conservatory and went on to pursue her career as a professional ballet dancer at Nashville Ballet, Ballet Theatre of Maryland and Ballet Inc NYC. Amanda developed a passion for fitness throughout her dance career, using pilates and personal training as rehabilitation for various injuries. She decided to share her love and knowledge for fitness and got certified as a pilates instructor as well as a NCSF certified personal trainer in NYC. She has taught bootcamp classes, strength and conditioning, HIIT, TRX, and pilates at various studios in New York City and later in Los Angeles. Amanda just moved to the Bay area this summer and is teaching pilates and TRX classes at Proformance Pilates.
If you need inspiration, look no further than Dean Woerner. Dean changed his lifestyle 16 years ago and became one the most consistent triathletes in the Bay Area. He has been an All-American in the sport for more than 10 years, competing in close to 200 endurance race events, 3 full Ironman Triathlons, and over 40 Half-Ironmans. Biking is his true passion and he has participated in 9 Death Rides in the Sierra Mountains.

After a back injury, Dean discovered Pilates as a means to strengthen and balance his back muscles. Pilates helped him learn the importance of core strength and stability training and how essential it is for any athlete for the longevity of their career and for injury prevention.


Julie is a certified Pilates instructor, receiving her certtificate with the prestigious Marie-Jose Blom at Long Beach Dance Conditioning Center in 1992. She was first introduced to the Pilates Method as a dance and kinesiology major at UC Irvine; in which she graduated from in 1991. Prior to attending UCI, Julie spent a year at the Royal Academy of Dancing in London, England where her love of movement and understanding the body really began. She has carried that desire of instructing the Pilates Method for the last 25 years to a vast array of people. Her clients have included professional dancers, professional athletes, and those with neurological disorders and physical handicaps. Julie’s enthusiasm for teaching comes through in every Pilates class she teaches.
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