For People New to Pilates Reformer:

Introductory Pilates Package
1 Introductory One-on-One Reformer Session
3 Pilates Classes
A $135 Value

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Private Introductory Session

(55 minutes)

This is a private, one-on-one session for new clients in which we assess your goals and take you through some exercises on the reformer, teaching you basic form and technique. We inform you of specific modifications you might need depending on any medical/physical issues or injuries you might have. From here we also assess your ability level and make recommendations on appropriate next steps for progression. Private Introductory Sessions are scheduled by appointment.


Pilates Classes
(55 minutes)

These are group classes on the reformer for up to 8 participants. You can choose a class that is appropriate for you, whether it be a Basics Reformer class or All Levels, Intermediate or Advanced classes. Basics Reformer classes are set up to help new and beginner clients learn the basic movement and pilates principles that will allow them to take more advanced classes as their skills improve.

For People Experienced in Pilates Reformer:

Intro 2 Week Unlimited 

2 weeks of unlimited classes
May be used towards any class on our schedule
Starts on the first scheduled class
A $120 Value

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Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled session time to fill out New Client paperwork. 


Appropriate attire includes clothing you're able to move freely in, but is form-fitting enough for your instructor to see your body alignment. For these reasons, jeans and very loose, baggy clothes are not ideal. 

If you choose to wear loose shorts, it is recommended that you wear a pair of spandex shorts underneath, as many of the positions on the reformer have clients on their backs with their legs higher than their hips. 


Pilates exercises are typically done barefoot, though socks with rubber grips on the bottom are allowed. Athletic shoes may be permitted for special circumstances only. 

NOTE: For the Spin/TRX Combo class, athletic shoes are required.

Other considerations:

Please refer to our Studio Policies and Etiquette section prior to your session. If you have any questions, your instructor will be happy to answer them at your session. 

If you need a question addressed before your session, please call or e-mail the studio directly.