My Physical Transformation Through Pilates

It can be difficult to get started on the path to wellness, and I know that better than many. The peak physical condition I enjoy now is thanks to making challenging life changing decisions, hard work, and a continuous commitment to mind and body improvement, through Pilates, on a daily basis.

A Body Needing Centering

A successful and overwhelming career in pharmaceutical R&D, along with a busy family life, took a toll on my body. Like many Americans, I had never intended for my weight to gradually rise year after year.  After years of numerous diets, gym memberships, physical trainers, etc., my weight kept going up and down, but eventually up… By 2007, my knees could no longer support the massive weight they had to hold up, and my doctor suggested I get a gastric bypass surgery before he could do anything to help my knees. The surgery went well, the weight came off fast, and it was then, during a health fair that my company hosted, that I discovered Pilates and joined a Pilates Studio across the street from work. In that critical moment, I seized upon an opportunity that ensured my weight would never balloon again. I found that Pilates was the perfect complement to tone my body back up and develop the core strength I needed to keep strong, fit, and free from most injuries.

Getting the Ball Rolling

Shortly after losing all that weight and toning up with Pilates and some strength training, I was severed from my stressful job and gainfully unemployed for a number of years. Purchasing a home-based franchise seemed like a good idea after being out of work for so long, but ultimately, it was not a good fit, and I began looking for something else to do. I had joined a Pilates studio in Lafayette, where they not only trained people in Pilates, but also offered Pilates Instructor Training. I figured I disliked my business and could always get in better shape, so I started the program thinking it was going to either make me stronger… or kill me.  Luckily, I got much stronger, slimmer, and healthier, and I have not looked back since. In January, 2016, I took being a Pilates Instructor to the next level, and I am now the proud owner of ProFormance Pilates in Danville.

After living a stressful lifestyle that provoked weight gain, I began focusing on my long-term health. I credit Pilates with helping me tone my body after shedding all that excess weight. The transformation wasn't easy and took years of hard work. Over time, my body mass has become more compact, while my core muscles have strengthened.

Incorporating Pilates into Daily Life

I'm grateful to Pilates for being able to do things with my body I never dreamed of, even in high school. I fully recognize the life-changing impact Pilates has had on me. I will continue using this space to educate others about the mind-body experience that Pilates provides. ProFormance Pilates will help more and more people understand what Pilates is and how it can help you achieve your physical and mental goals, deal with everyday life, live with less pain, and take your fitness goals to the next level.

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