Heather is a cyclist, surfer, runner, hiker, and loves sharing her passion for being active with others. As a certified personal trainer she enjoys teaching people about functional movement and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. She is constantly exploring new ways to help people strengthen their bodies and live a life free from pain, especially low back pain through Foundation Training, TRX Training, and other functional movement patterns.

Heather instructs the following:
  • Foundation Training - Mat
  • Foundation Training is a low impact, highly effective workout that increases core strength, improves posture and stability, and relieves back pain. These poses will correct the poor movement habits that have led to a weak core and possibly even chronic pain. Come retrain your body to move properly with a strong core and back!

    Side effects will include:
    - improved posture
    - relief of aches and pains
    - increased confidence

  • Spin